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YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising Display Ads exist within the greater Google Display Network. Display ads let your ads appear alongside related YouTube videos, or as pop-ups within YouTube videos. Standard Banner Ad – These are just like the regular Google Display Ads, available as standard banner ads and rich media ads.

Benefits of YouTube Advertising

Increasingly more small- and medium-sized businesses are taking their advertising to YouTube. In fact, that number has doubled, and it's not surprising why. There are various benefits of YouTube advertising, all of which circle around to the most important benefit: a huge audience. YouTube ads have the opportunity to appear across a platform that boasts 1.5 billion monthly viewers. Other benefits include the following:

  • Real-time insights about views
  • The ability to show an ad before a viral video
  • Creative freedom for a video ad
  • Various ad format options
  • The ability to identify purchase intent
  • Increased ad exposure through social media sharing
  • Various audience targeting options

Types of YouTube Ads:

TrueView In-Stream Video Ads:
These ads appear on YouTube watch pages, videos from partner sites, and apps in the Google Display Network. They can be no longer than three minutes in length and have the "Skip ad" option after about five seconds. TrueView in-stream ads can play before, during, and after videos. They're particularly great for creating buying intent.

TrueView Video Discovery Ads:
Appearing as a thumbnail image, these ads appear on video search results, alongside YouTube videos, and in the YouTube mobile homepage. This format is great for product and brand consideration.

Bumper Ads:
An unskippable ad, this format is less than six seconds long and plays before, during, or after a video. Bumper ads appear on YouTube videos, videos on partner sites, and apps on the Display Network. This format is particularly great for brand awareness and reach.

Non-Skippable Video Ads:
The least popular format among YouTube users is the non-skippable video ads. Before users can view a video, they must watch the non-skippable ad for the entirety of its 15- to 20-second duration. However, if created uniquely and captivatingly, these ads can be greatly beneficial when you want to ensure that viewers receive your message from beginning to end.

Overlay Ads:
Ads in this format can be as simple as a basic text or as colorful as an image complete with a logo and slogan. Overlay Ads appear as a small banner across the bottom of a video screen with the option to either close the ad out of view or click it to be directed to your website. Viewers can still watch their video, as these ads are very unobtrusive. Overlay ads are great for directing web traffic when you don’t necessarily need or want to create a video ad to do so.

Cards and Sponsored Cards:
Similar to Overlay Ads, Cards subtly display while the viewer’s chosen video continues to play in the background. Unlike Overlays, Cards appear as small, interactive call-to-action buttons that only expand when clicked. Sponsored Cards are even less intrusive, displaying simply as a small information icon in the top right corner of the video screen. You can also choose to have call-to-action text appear when the icon hovers over. When viewers click the "i" icon, ads chosen by you appear, directing to the landing pages of your choice when clicked.

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