Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo Search Marketing is a pay-per-click advertising platform originally developed by Overture, Inc. While the program has seen many upgrades and revisions over the years, its primary functionality and management system has for the most part, stayed the same. Much like Google, advertising with Yahoo is a great way to receive top placement in their search results and to begin driving new and highly valuable traffic to your website. Because Yahoo and its search engine affiliates still command a significant percentage of search engine users, it is essential that you include it as part of your online marketing campaign.

What Makes Yahoo Search Marketing Different?

A major benefit for many of Yahoo's search marketing advertisers is the simplicity of their program. Unlike Google's AdWords program, there are no elaborate algorithms or unknown variables that dictate where your ads will be placed. With Yahoo, you simply choose your keywords and make a determination as to how much are willing to bid to outrank your competitors on each specific keyword phrase. Additionally, Yahoo advertisers benefit by the relative lack of competitor saturation among heavily sought keywords. In turn, this keeps costs extremely low compared to those seen by Google advertisers.

Yahoo Search Local

One specific area that Yahoo differs from Google is the geographic exposure of their ads. While Google strategically allows advertisers to show their ads only to search users in geographic regions, Yahoo sponsored search does not have such a feature. Instead, Yahoo relies on their Search Local listings to promote search results for advertisers wanting to target users within their cities and counties. These listings are given priority placement when specific geographic keywords are used in the search query while also offering detailed contact information about the advertiser, lower costs per click, and additional customization of your advertisement. Combined with a standard search match campaign and requisite Google AdWords campaign, these listings will give your firm exceptional depth and diversity with your online marketing efforts.

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