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Website the soul of any firm needs an audit to maximize its online potential. The enormous performance of a website depends upon the plenty of visitors, reasonable amount of enquiries, and corporate identity of the company. A website audit holds the tool to successful promotion of all these key strategies. Identifying the perspective online and offline factors of an organization, and highlighting the area of improvement is the major task of auditing a website.

Auditing is where the internal aspects of a website are being evaluated which includes reflecting the company strategies, site navigation and browser compatibility on all platforms increasing the usability and effectiveness. It evolves the user requirement, their area of interest, and the frequent visits, which helps in taking follow-up action, increasing the search engine ranking and maintaining the brand loyalty.

What Does a Website need to Flourish its Firm?

  • Qualified site with more number of visitors who get back to you frequently
  • Create an impact with the customers and enhance friendly relationship
  • Higher Return On Investment by over heading the competitors
  • Maintaining brand image through customer service
  • Liable and secured online service
  • Choosing the ultimate refuge to get all these done

Website Audit plays a vital role in auditing the in-depths of a website and providing the profound solutions. The initial process of web audit starts with building an intense knowledge of the website and perform promotional steps in listing it on search engines and directories, performing email marketing, placing ads on major search engines, stationary promotion and affiliating referral partners.

Feasibility Analysis:

Website Auditing is a step-by-step analysis to identify the do’s & don’ts and rectify them accordingly. The objectives of any website auditing involves certain criteria which has been listed below:

  • An in-depth analysis of the current website and identifying the relevant content
  • Check whether the site is fully optimized
  • Percentage of visitors to the website, targeted audience, and web traffic
  • Identifying unformatted Url’s, broken links, and site navigation
  • Analyzing the business methods, existing sales, marketing strategies and competitors
  • Providing the client with an upgraded development plan report of the website

Website Audit - Launches Upgraded Solution

Website Auditing scales up the site and provide all sorts of resources that it needs. Some of the proven activities that are done while auditing are:

  • An in-depth analysis of the current website and identifying the relevant content
  • Evaluating the start up process such as design and text links for the visitor to identify each web page
  • Navigating the website through its structure, sitemap, and breadcrumbs to guide the visitors
  • Analyzing the content relevancy of the website and modify it to attract the visitors
  • Equipping the site such that it is browser compatible and secure for legal compliance
  • Converts pre-qualified visitors into leads and maintains a brand loyalty and goodwill with the client
  • Increase screen legibility through internal aspects such as keywords, headings, and font size and convert the site to search engine friendly
  • Effective promotional activities to make the site user-friendly and competitive
  • Performing technical tests inorder to evaluate its performance
  • A strategic review on the website to produce amazing results and drive heavy traffic
  • To improve website accessibility and search engine ranking in turn increasing the Return On Investment (ROI).

website audit

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