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The wheels on the bus go round and round, and so do the advertisements. If you're a commuter, a public transit patron, or a walker/driver in central neighborhoods, you've been frequently affected by bus advertising.

There's no way around it. Bus advertising is designed to market to consumers in a direct, and easy to understand, format. Bus advertising delivers, for the most part, clear, universal messages that center around food, hospitality, fashion, upcoming events, listings, lifestyle branding, and a plethora of other fields. These messages can be seen wrapped around a bus, interestingly used in bus shelters, and inside the vehicle to give consumers a reason to look out. This OOH advertising channel is so effective because of its large reach aimed to target to just about everyone in eyesight.outdoor advertising has an overall weekly reach of 81% for people ages 5 and up. Let's look at how bus advertising registers with consumers, examine the strengths of both indoor and outdoor bus advertisements, and understand the types of bus ad displays.

Bus advertising is a triumphant OOH mechanism geared towards everyday people on-the-go. Advertisers use bus advertising because they are guaranteed a great reach at an affordable cost, depending on size, area, and longevity. It's effective in reaching out to both men and women, of various age groups, because awareness about a product/service sees no gender, really. Of course, a bus ad advertising waxing strips from a predominantly female business will cater to women. However, bus advertisements are not usually gender-based. They're for everyone to see!

Emotional connections could stem from an effective bus advertisement as well, such as environmental issues faced head-on or non-profit community services. Position these advertisements on or inside buses and consumers can be woken up to make the listed change. Exterion Media talks about engaging audiences with an emotional brand connection.

Advertising with buses motivates viewers to take action; giving further incentives by way of call-to-action for consumers to investigate the advertised brand. In doing this, bus advertising also creates viewer interaction, especially in bus shelter executions, to communicate with and share the advertisement if it stands out creatively.

Strengths of Interior Bus Ads

Interior advertisements on buses get the consumer when they're their most vulnerable... in public. Typically, on a jam packed bus there's nothing left to do but stare aimlessly at your surroundings or out the window. If you manage to get a seat, then kudos to you. You may be the target for an interior bus ad, but you're more likely to ignore the signage because you have another activity to do (read a classic, listen to a podcast, etc ). However, if you're standing on a bus and notice, for a short second, a bright ad above your head, chances are you're going to be thinking about what you've witnessed after departing the bus. The bus ad managed to get your gaze and snag your attention. Effectively, you're now aware of a product/service on your commute that you probably didn't think much about before the trip. That's power.

Interior bus ads can reach a highly targeted demographic surrounding lifestyle, purpose, and religion. Almost 75% of consumers take action after seeing an indoor ad, which likely includes visiting a website from the call-to-action. Transit riders typically spend over 1 hour commuting each day, so that's plenty of time for bus advertising to provide opportunities for them to envision themselves investing in a product/service.

Strengths of Exterior Bus Ads

Exterior bus ads have the effect to generate a mass reach very quickly. Their large presence, in an outdoor environment, make for a high number of impressions for people not limited to commuters. Consumers are 33% more alert when outside their homes making lasting brand impressions an important device. There is also no seasonality when it comes to exterior bus ads. Levels of awareness throughout the year for bus advertising in an outdoor space stay, on average, the same. The season holds no bearing on the campaign's effectiveness.

A bright, colorful design, with short copy truly makes or breaks a bus advertisement. If it's not eye-catching at first, someone passing by an exterior bus ad won't look back at it. The goal is to make a lasting impression, something in which that viewer can be able to recall later on.

Bus Shelters Advertising

Bus shelter or Bus Q Shelter or Bus Stop advertising is one of the fastest growing sectors in Indian outdoor advertising arena especially with the more ergonomically designed bus stops with neat looking advertising panels. With the large Indian populace still banking upon buses as a preferred medium of transport, more and more people take to the buses as they make their daily commute to work and back. Because of this, bus q shelters/ bus stops are a prime spot for advertisers due to the amount of human traffic that filter through these services every day.

As a result, Bus Q Shelter / Bus Stop outdoor advertising is a high reach in an equally high frequency environment. It is well suited to advertisers seeking immediate exposure to their target market and allows significant opportunities for on ground activation. Bus shelter advertising offers an impressive array of strategically positioned, illuminated advertising panels through major urban cities of India.

A lot of small, medium and big sized companies are now using Bus stop and shelter advertising to get a quick message across to a travelling audience. A lot of consumer brand ads are used on panels because people are potentially travelling to where they can get or see these products and brands. A lot of such adverts can be back lit, scrolling or standard static panels.

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Bus Advertising
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