Bing Search Marketing

Start your search advertising campaign on Bing, using Microsoft adCenter, and expand your reach to 82 million monthly users.

It's simple, easy and affordable.

  • Easily import your Google and Yahoo! campaigns to Bing via adCenter
  • Efficient way to market your business
  • You control the costs: only pay when someone clicks on your ad
  • Easily set up, monitor and make changes to your search campaign with adCenter
  • Target geographically and demographically using business intelligence tools

Advertising for the Budget-Conscious

Businesses with small and medium-sized budgets can drive pinpoint targeting across multiple online mediums and use one contact point to manage it all, for less than $10,000 per month.

Search marketing on BingTM promotes your offer next to relevant search results. Pay only when users click your ad.

Mobile advertising helps you target tech-savvy, on-the-go consumers at great value.

Contextual ads placed next to relevant stories put your offer in front of consumers in purchase mode.

Display advertising engages your audience visually and emotionally to improve brand recognition and loyalty.

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